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LSports Increased Sports Data Coverage Despite Current Pandemic

Sports data feed supplier, LSports, reports an increase of 55% in their live data coverage compared to this time last year

The growth in coverage can be attributed to LSports efforts in expanding their alternative content, offering new coverage such as special bets (Politics, Lottery, TV, Poker, etc.), Virtual sports (Football, Basketball, Tennis, etc.), “underdog” sports such as surfing, hurling, bowling and so on. 

Alongside those sports, the company has focused greatly on enlarging its Esports coverage as it proved to be a rising star. Esports betting revenues are set to hit almost double the income in 2020, with speculations reaching up to 14$ billion. As such, LSports increased their coverage and now offer over 15 games, some of them being the popular FIFA 20, NBA2K, Dota 2, CS:GO, LOL, and many more. 

The company’s overall coverage has grown rapidly the past year, with 60 sports covered compared to approx. 40 they had at the beginning of 2019.

In May 2020 alone the company covered over 20,000 live Esports events, registering an increase of 7750% compared to January 2020. They’ve also registered an increase in various other sports that kept the betting industry on its feet, one of them being Table Tennis where May marked an increase of 515% compared to January 2020. 

The company’s overall coverage has grown rapidly the past year, with 60 sports covered compared to approx. 40 they had at the beginning of 2019, standing on an average of 55K in-play events a month compared to the 30-35K average they previously had during 2019. 

Increasing their coverage wasn’t the only thing LSports has done the past few months to handle the current crisis. As bookmakers Tennis revenues completely disappeared with the overall cut in the sport, they developed the “Tennis Betting Simulator”. The simulator, supported by LVision, uses LSports historic Tennis data (over 1M matches) to produce high-quality visualization of live Tennis matches with real-time odds and in-depth statistics and game analysis.  

“We strive to supply the most comprehensive, innovative solutions to our customers.” LSports co-founder and CEO Shaul Lazar said. 

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