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LSports Tennis Betting Simulator - What’s Old is New Again

The Solution to Never-ending Tennis Revenues

A look into LSports, the world-leading provider of real-time sports data, new and innovative Tennis Betting Simulator.

Created to fill the hole during the first days COVID-19 hit the betting industry, the Tennis Betting Simulator (TBS) quickly evolved into a new and unique platform for Tennis betting.

Using real data from over one million Tennis matches at LSports database, TBS produces high-quality visualization of historic Tennis matches. Putting it simply, a visualized replay. As the replays are completely identical to the original matches, following the exact actions that were once taken on the court, the original match information is hidden until its conclusion (players’ names, tournaments, dates, etc.) to ensure they won’t be recognized.

The product is supported by real-time and original main markets traded at the time and offers different features such as heatmaps, statistics, infographics, and high-level identification of ball movement, shot placement and so on.

Yoav ZivThanks to LSports enormous database, they can offer 24/7 matches with an average of 300 a day, covering all professional tournaments including ATP, WTA, Challengers and ITF.

The product is already up and running at BtoBet, Sportsbet.io, Digitain and Leon, with many more to come.

Yoav Ziv, VP sales at LSports said: “The Tennis Betting Simulator already proves to attract and retain higher revenues and engagement rates. Thanks to the unique visualization provided by LVision and our live odds, sportsbooks can now provide their customers never-ending Tennis content”.

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