Macau’s Urban Master Plan to devote 13% of land to tourism and leisure

SAR has unleashed its new Urban Master Plan set to make Macau a world-leading travel and leisure city by 2040.

The government of Macau announced on Thursday their latest plan to dedicated 13% of territory to developments in tourism and leisure; the areas in question being NAPE/ZAPE and Cotai. 

Macau has seen other expansion projects such as the New Hengquin checkpoint integrating Macau to the island. 

While resuming tourist Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) has seen a slow recovery in Macau visitation, this plan aims to make Macau a hub-spot for travellers around the world.

Macau tourism / SiGMAThis comes during a delicate time as Macau recently reported 2,000 daily tourists  from Guangdong following relaxed quarantine measures, indicating there's a long way to go before a full recovery post COVID-19.  

Mak Tat Io, the director for urban planning at the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT), noted in regards to keeping the same locations for the tourism and entertainment industries: “Casinos will be maintained in the tourism and entertainment areas, obviously with some flexibility, but most will be in these areas".

Aside from developing the leisure and tourism industries, the plan also aims to include areas for industrial, green leisure, residential, and diversified industrial. The total number of new zones will be eighteen. 

The largest share of space will be taken up by public infrastructure and residential, reaching  up to 23% and 22% of the territory respectively. 

In addition to the development aspects, there will also be a focus on conserving ecological areas contributing to 18% of the land in bid to nurture non-gaming tourism.

By the time the plan is executed, the area is set to reach 36.8 square kilometers. 

The plans 60-day public consultation is set to commence today on the 4th September.  

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