Making it in Malta - An interview with Good Luck Media

I sit down with CMO for Good Luck Media, Toni Westerholm and co-founder and CEO, Risto Myllymaki, to learn more about what this innovative online marketing company is up to and to congratulate them for their recent nomination for Best Newcomer Affiliate at the iGB Affiliate Awards.

While Good Luck Media is, as Toni explains, new to the affiliate industry - having been founded in May of this year, the team behind it bring an impressive iGaming CV to the table. Alongside co-founder Risto Myllymaki and CTO Eric Cederberg, the team run a company which runs true to its Finnish roots. From its logo to its values, the Finnish culture permeates the ethos of their company.

sigma igaming Making it in Malta - An interview with Good Luck Media The Good Luck Media Team

“Of course its early days and we’re growing quite fast, but we hope to maintain those values as the business expands and develops. It’s important for us to make sure our company can showcase these beliefs.

We have quite a long history in the iGaming industry, working in the operator side for several years now, myself for four years and CEO, Risto Myllymaki, for around eight years. We had a lot of experience from the operator side of things, so we sort of know what’s in demand as well, we’re familiar with where the value is for the operators – we want to match that,” says Toni.

Good Luck Media is currently heavily focused on the Finnish market, with sideline areas of interest specialising in the casino and lottery arena and soon to be revealed plans to launch a new sportsbook project. There is also a definite push towards SEO, with the company taking a decided interest in that avenue. Additionally the company maintains a social media presence.

Good Luck Media also take a mobile first approach, an initiative which helps them stand out in what has become a crowded marketplace. As Toni explains, mobile first is always the initial consideration when starting new projects. It is an approach that is also evident in their own website. From navigation to content, every action runs seamlessly when done through mobile.

“The key element that it brings to the table is that it is more interactive, the conversion rate and value can be really good for operators. If you look at player values, the way revenue accrues is substantial. I feel it’s easier for us to pursue a mobile first approach, or rather, mobile always – because we build everything that way, especially compared to other companies. They have to revamp everything to become mobile first, so it works out well for us that we started everything with that approach in mind.”

I also ask about what sort of innovative tech disruption the company has pursued. Many of their projects are built on progressive web app (PWA) technology, which supports mobile-app-like functionalities on a website. Their mobile domain, also takes this approach - a website which also functions offline as well. Toni also offers a broader perspective, ‘There’s a lot of talk of blockchain and how that can be used in iGaming. Perhaps it’s not so disruptive, it’s just a process - a new process,’ he opines.

Speaking of new processes, SiGMA Pitch is something that has obvious appeal to Risto. As a Mecca for start-ups, he is vocal about the value initiatives like these bring to the field.

“I think it’s great, I went to see it last year. It was awesome, I watched all the pitches, I think we should have more of those kinds of things in Malta. It’s a good experience for start-ups, to do the pitches – it gives them an opportunity to try out new ideas in a supportive environment. SiGMA is obviously doing a great job. Maybe we'll be pitching something ourselves someday”.

Malta has also been good to Good Luck Media. When it came to choosing a location to start their business, their past experience and the thriving iGaming scene made the island a natural place for the team to set up shop.

“There are a lot of initiatives here on how to go about building a company process, it’s very easy here in Malta and you get quite a lot of support and everything moves very quickly. And of course the gaming industry is here and we know many of the key players in the industry due to our background - so it was an easy choice for us.

The country’s infrastructure is something we discuss a lot, Malta should put more effort into that growth, if you live in a busy centre, it’s harder to find somewhere pleasant to take a walk - it’s often the small things that make an impact on quality of life.”

While the network of freelancers used by the company isn’t Maltese, Toni is adamant that quality talent can be found inside Malta. He tells me how he would love to engage universities and have them involved in company projects, ‘there are a lot of projects you can involve people in, in the early stages and its good for students to get hands on experience’ he explains.

Despite the small frustrations all start-ups face, (they joke that the office could do with a new coffee maker) Good Luck Media is a company of optimists, motivated by the challenges of running a new business.

“We are still young and our team is small, so we have to work hard to reach the numbers and get growth; however it’s nice to have your own small company. To see everyday growth, even though the numbers may be small, is still very motivating.

Good Luck Media was shortlisted for Best Affiliate Newcomer, for Best Casino Affiliate website and for Best Lottery Affiliate website. We would wish them luck, but with a name like theirs – we’re sure they don’t need it.

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