Oct 24 / 2017
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Making The Most Out Of The Careers Convention at SiGMA

There are multiple steps you can take to prepare for the Careers Convention at SiGMA that ensure that you make an excellent impression and find your dream job.

Have you been feeling uninspired by your work recently? Do you find your mind is drifting away from the task on hand; perhaps you end up on a casino website to play a few rounds of slots?

If a career in the online casino industry sounds right up your alley, then you will be thrilled to learn that during the Summit of iGaming in Malta (SiGMA), there will be a dedicated career convention where you can find out about job opportunities and network with hundreds of HR representatives from gaming companies.

During the career convention, graduates and IT developers are welcome to peruse the booths of the exhibiting companies and get to know what makes those companies tick. Representatives will be on hand in order to dispense information about what the companies are looking for and how to apply for the available positions. If you have a degree in computer science, law, math, or many other subjects, you may discover that your skills are in demand.

Step One To Success: Do Your Research

There are a few things that you can do to prepare for the career convention. First, prior to the convention, it can be beneficial to do some background research for the companies you are most interested in. Not sure where to start? A great resource may be an online casino review website, such as slotsplaycasinos.com. Websites like this have a wealth of information. They can give you information about aspects of the casino like the type of slots games and other popular games they have, as well as statistics about payout. In addition, some websites also include information about working for those companies.

For example, if you are interested in finding out more about Uptown Aces Casino, there are two good ways to do so. First, you can check out the casino’s website to find out about its different playing platforms, such as the Uptown Aces instant play casino and the mobile version. You can also see if the website has any job postings available, so you can further prepare yourself to present to the company at the convention. Then, you can look the casino up at a review website in order to find out what other players think about the casino. When choosing a new job, it is always important to find out what the company’s reputation is like.

After researching a few places that you might like to apply, the next step is to update your resume. There are many websites that can give you tips and tricks for the best way to frame your experience and explain what your job responsibilities have been. A strong resume is a well-established marker of an excellent job candidate. While your people skills may ingratiate you with the rep at the convention, someone else may be looking over your resume, so it is important to make sure both of them reflect your skills and accomplishments.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

The last few steps in the days before the conference are to prepare a brief speech about your interest in the position, print out many copies of your resume, and dust off your professional attire. If you follow these steps, you are sure to find success at the Careers Convention.

The convention will take place from 2 pm to 6 pm on November 24th at SiGMA. To attend, you can either acquire a Full pass, which allows you all access to every part of the conference, or you can get a Careers Convention pass that only gives you access to the convention.

Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.

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