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Malta Has World First By Working Towards Blockchain Educational Certificates

A pilot initiative has been launched to explore the possibility of issuing Blockchain educational certificates in Malta.

Diplomas at MCAST along with training certificate at ITS, licensure and accreditation from NCFHE, all in emerging technology will be part of the ongoing project taking place this year.

In a world first, Malta will take the forward thinking and brave leap into the official Blockchain educational certificates. Additional applications of the hotly debated technology are also being looked at and explored.

Alex Grech, consultant to the Education Ministry added “This is a new step we are taking and the eyes of not only the EU, but the world are on us,” Learning Machine, an innovation company based in the US are running the project.

Many people still wonder, what is Block Chain? In essence Blockchain is a continually expanding list of records, a digital transactions ledger. It is decentralised so removes the need for a traditional central administrator like a bank. All transactions are transparent so the open ledger is available for anyone on the network to see. This also make the transactions verifiable and safe.

Malta is a growing oasis for the gaming community, the Maltese government recently created a project to investigate and review the most efficient way to integrate Blockchain into its ecosystem. Many in the gaming community welcome the foresight, and see it as a natural and logical step, for the government to be embracing this new technology.

Currently Blockchain is for digital transactions but experts on the island are looking into other uses for the online database.

Dr Grech explained to Times Of Malta “Lots of things have changed in education, but one thing that remains is the need for a certificate. With the Blockchain we can take the power of the certificate away from the institution and in the hands of the learner.”

Once issued the potential Blockchain certificates also offers the benefit of Joint ownership credentials, where the learner and educational institution, both own of the credentials, meaning the learner eradicates the need for permission from the institution to share the gained certificate with third parties, as the certificate would now become part of their personal digital wallet.

SiGMA17 has recognised the importance and weight Blockchain technology has on the future of the world and particularly on gaming. We will be dedicating a solid 7 conference talks and panel discussions to the hot subject, chaired by Cryptocurrency heavy weight and Managing Director of Cryptopay Eric Benz. The conference will cover topics like The future of Blockchain for gaming, Bitcoin’s exponential future: Artificial Intelligence & explosion of knowledge, and many more, it’s set to be an insightful session. You can find the full conference agenda here.

SiGMA17 will take place on 22nd- 25th November. The show will be bigger and better than last year, this year’s exhibition will take place at Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre (MFCC) in Ta’ Qali. We decided to go for a bigger venue and create an iGAMING VILLAGE – with six themed bars, three restaurants and two lounge areas all within the expo. where we expect 7,000+ delegates; if you haven’t signed up already you can register here.

Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.
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