Meetup - Crypto Mondays Malta, pre SiGMA event

Join Crypto Mondays on the 26th November, at HUSH restaurant, St. Julian’s

As the long-established online gaming paradise, Malta has transformed itself into one of the world leading blockchain hubs. In collaboration with SiGMA, Crypto Mondays are pleased to present the first edition of Crypto Mondays in the history of Malta.

SiGMA iGaming Meetup - Crypto Mondays Malta, pre SiGMA event Crypto Mondays Malta's networking drinks at HUSH.

Blockchain technology has opened doors for humanity, granted us unique, yet infinite possibilities, though after 10 years we have still barely scratched the surface. How far away is paying with cryptocurrencies from our daily life? An online gaming industry powered by Blockchain technology, is this the future or the present? Will Crypto be the next generation of payments and start a financial revolution?

Crypto Mondays aims to help build local communities of like-minded people who are passionate about blockchain, gather regularly to share and sharpen their views, and make new networks. These local communities then have a global network of all Crypto Mondays attendees. Crypto Mondays was first launched in New York City, in January 2018, by CryptoOracle. As of October 2018, there are 40 active Crypto Mondays communities globally.

Join us the Monday before SiGMA - let’s take a deep glimpse into the future together. Meet us for networking and drinks, to brainstorm with your new best friend or new business partner, be a part of our community, be a part of our strength and wisdom.


First Meet up: 26/Nov/2018, HUSH Restaurant, Portomaso Marina, St. Julian’s, Malta

Occasional featured speakers

Panel discussions

Finest drinks from HUSH


Open to all Blockchain/Gaming enthusiasts

Time: 26th/Nov/2018, 18:00 till 23:00 GMT+1

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