Dec 21 / 2013
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Maltese Climate for an iGaming Company

Locating your company’s assets on Malta may be a shrewd move for development of your business. Malta, unlike other European countries, possesses a necessary friendly habitat regulated by LGA body to create conditions for iGaming companies to flourish. The officials are supportive towards companies established on Maltese ground and respect business expansion plans. There are many companies which can handle all regulatory aspects to successfully lead other entering companies through LGA auditting processes and licence obtaining.

By such policy Malta has gained much. The industry experiences a boom dictated by governmental regulations and initiatives like taxation system which is very competitive in comparison with other European markets. So far around 240 licenses for remote operations has been granted and the numb er of applicants is steadily rising. Having Maltese license offers positive response in foreign jurisdictions as Malta is not listed at any blacklists in the industry.

Companies locating their assets on Malta, provide a wide number of job opportunities for the island’s residents. Operators entering the Maltese market engage local workforce which is getting specialised in the industry. It is noticed that in the past four years the number of professional workforce has doubled. The industry craves for qualified IT specialists who can develop control systems of iGaming companies.

In order to successfully register your igaming company, it is essential to pass LGA application what takes two or three months to obtain a licence. When applicant is granted with licence and goes through three stages of audit, enters the taxation system dependent on the class of a licence. After five years the granted licence expires, but it can be reniewed by paying renewal fee. Apart from taxation, others fees include: administrative, yearly, approval and application fees.

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