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Manchester City FC and Betsafe close partnership agreement

Manchester City FC has announced a partnership deal with Betsafe, one of the best known igaming companies, which will become the club’s official betting partner of all its teams.

Besides reinforcing already strong position of the brand in UK, according to the recently signed agreement, Betsafe will be also able to deliver wide variety of exclusive offers

The partnership covers in-stadia initatives that include Betsafe’s betting kiosks, activities at the Etihad Stadium, access to exclusive City’s online content, both outdoor and online advertising campaigns.

Betsafe’s Global Brand Manager, Martina Brynielson, commented on signing the partnership:

“This is our first sizeable foray into partnerships in the UK and we’re over the blue moon to be working with Manchester City FC – we couldn’t start with a better partner. Manchester City is a powerhouse around the world, a leader in its industry and perfectly embodies our brand’s ‘in it to win it’ mentality.”

“With one of the largest fan bases and average attendances in the country, this exciting partnership provides Betsafe with the perfect platform to engage football fans with our unique offering,” she added.

Commercial Director of City Football Marketing, Omar Berrada, said: “Manchester City FC are delighted to welcome Betsafe to the team as an official betting partner.  Betsafe is one of the most innovative gaming companies in the industry and our shared commitment to ensuring fans have an exciting match day experience makes them an ideal partner for the Club. We look forward to working with Betsafe to provide fans with even more unforgettable football experiences with both our Men’s and Women’s teams.”

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