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Market rebounds after pandemic gambling suspension lifted in Latvia

Latvian gambling market rose considerably from around June to September, although it was far from reaching its 2019 stats

Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Authority released figures on the Latvian gaming market and its recent developments showing the jump in the second quarter, during which all forms of gambling was suspended, till September. The revenue jumped from €12.3 million to €55.2 million in total, although this was nothing compared to last year and in fact it signifies a 33.2% year-on-year decline. 


As one goes into more details, the stats show that the period's performance seems to have been mostly affected by the land-based slots which rendered a revenue of €35.0m, online gaming bringing in €15.5m, table games accounting for another €1.5m, bingo halls  €41,000, and betting shops €573,000.  

From the report, the only product to showcase a steady year-onyear growth are online card games, where revenue went up to 54.0%. 

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