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Massachusetts sports betting bill set for 2021?

Senator Brendon Crighton is eager to file the Bill to push the legalisation of sports betting over the line

Last years' economic development bill saw the exclusion of the legalisation of sports betting in Massachusetts. However, the state is optimistic this time around. Sen. Brendon Crighton, who has been at the forefront in the quest to legalise sports betting in Massachusetts, predicts that the refined bill will get them over the line this year.

The requirement for economic stimulus is of great need more than ever due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the pressure is Boston Celtics | SiGMA Newsmounting on the state as neighbouring states are all legalising sports betting and therefore, sports betting could finally receive the support its needed this year.

Crighton is eager to file the Bill and said that there has been significant changes to this years legislation due to LSR amendments. The modifications include; a raise in the application fee which has increased to $10 million, revenue generated from sports betting will be taxed at 15% for both the online and retail channels whilst betting of events including collegiate teams in Massachusetts is banned.

It is still an upgrade on the previous Bill proposed by Gov. Charlier Baker that saw all forms of college betting banned.
Crighton's bill does not guarantee MA sports betting during 2021, however, far less work is needed from an educational stand point than before. Therefore, it could mean that some time may be needed to formulate and structure the logistical process. However, Crighton, the Senate VP of Boston Red Sox | SiGMA Newsthe Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies, is very confidant that proceedings will get underway soon.

The Senator started working on legalising sports betting in the Bay State right around the time PASPA fell in May 2018. Since then, he’s been in contact with all stakeholders concerning his legislation and doesn’t see any deal-breakers in this year’s bill.

Additionally, major sports teams have all managed to co-sign a letter addressed to the Economic Development Conference committee in order to give their backing to the sports betting bill going forward.

Source: Legalsportsreport

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