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Matching Visions partners with Wildz

Wildz by Rootz brings players into the future with state-of-the-art automation

Current titan of the affiliate networking industry Matching Visions has teamed up with leading operator Wildz, which is powered by AI-enhanced platform Rootz. 

As summed up by Affiliate Director Dennis Dyhr-Hansen, “Wildz is clearly an operator on the rise. Add to the beauty and simplicity of the brand itself and the capabilities of their Rootz platform, Wildz are paving the way into the future of iGaming as a whole. Matching Visions are extremely pleased to be a part of that journey and are sure that publishers and players alike will benefit from their arrival at an exciting time for all in iGaming.

Everyone who 's anyone is well aware of the great work Matching Visions have put in since breaking onto the scene over 12 years ago. With an enviable portfolio of top, cross market Affiliate publishers and years of cumulative experience, for their team of tried and tested industry professionals - collaboration seemed a ‘no brainer."

In Wildz powered by Rootz, players and iGaming veterans can expect a real revolution. Co founder Mikko Halmela elaborates on what to expect, saying, “Let’s just say that everything under the hood is super complicated but the player interface could not be simpler.” 

sigma igaming Matching Visions partners with WildzRootz, formed in 2017, has built a platform that delivers the very best in online gaming management, with a heavy focus on smart and efficient programming, lean but powerful graphics, and robust content. Rootz is built on a philosophy of quality over quantity and employs automation to eliminate company drawbacks. Staying lean and mission-focused, Rootz has opted to tackle iGaming with the most competent professionals, state-of-the-art systems and programming, and a keen focus on the trends and challenges of the future.

Whether it be integrated business intelligence, trusted payment solutions, the fastest gameplay, an experienced compliance team, or simply a well-designed and functional backend, Rootz is the next generation iGaming platform.

The tech “under the hood” facilitates everything from seamless play, rewards, bonuses, and CRM, to their supreme Loyalty+ programme.

An exciting ‘Spinback’ feature is the perfect example of this at work. Currently rolled out on ‘fan favourite’ slot Book of Dead, for every 5 winless spins a player goes through, a free spin is accumulated in his/her rewards section. Therefore at the end of each game session, one can return to this area and play each Spinback collected spin, one of many ways Wildz offers players substantially more during gameplay.

sigma igaming Matching Visions partners with WildzAnother key element of Wildz is the ‘Level Up’ feature. Levelling up, given the smoothness with which the Rootz platform operates, happens frequently and seamlessly. Spins are offered from a single reel, which differs for each individual player depending on which games that player enjoys most frequently. 

Add to this bespoke gaming experience a personalised game lobby, promotions geared around the specific games a player likes, an automated loyalty programme trackable by the individual and you start to get the picture. Every player gets to play their favourite games, receive only bonuses they are interested in, ‘level up’ via slots they enjoy most and can ‘spinback’ whenever the going gets tough.

Much like the entire rewards system at play, nothing is complicated. Flawless simplicity is vital to an operator’s success, which means that all the players have to do is play, Wildz does the rest for you. It is for this reason that Wildz’s slogan is ‘Get More’. Quite simply, any player that makes the wise decision to up sticks and move over to Wildz is doing so because in every facet of their experience, including winning opportunities - they will simply ‘Get More’.

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