Mauritius opens to tourism as it enters 'new normal'

Mauritius is back to its glorious days with land based casino operators ready for recovery as they open their doors to welcome tourists 

The impact of Covid-19 has forced many countries to close their doors to tourists in order to limit the spread of the virus and Mauritius was no exception to this measure. 

This negatively impacted land-based casino operators located in the island as doors were shut for tourists and lockdown measures put in place.

CASINOS in MAURITIUS - 2020 up-to-date List - CasinosAvenueThankfully, in a turn of events, things are now looking up for the island, as the government has recently lifted the travel ban on tourists.

Tourists are now free to travel to Mauritius but have to undergo a COVID-19 test five days before travelling.

The tropical island of Mauritius is commonly described as paradise and arguably the most beautiful white sand beaches, with blue waters, lush rain forest, intriguing history located in east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, in the continent of Africa. 

Mauritius, despite being small with just a population of 1.2million boasts its multi-cultural atmosphere and home to diverse ethnic groups. 

The country promotes itself as an all year-round destination with a humid and rainy season which reaches its peaks from November to April, subsequently becomes drier and hotter from May to November.  

Casinos have always played part Mauritius' economy and land-based casino operators are now excited to welcome tourists to their establishments. 

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