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Maximising PPC

 Maximising PPC (pay-per-click) and incorporating effective campaign into your marketing strategy is a significant aspect that can maximize your revenues and generate bigger traffic to your website. Many affiliates emphsasize the importance of SEM, failing to adequately concentrate on PPC marketing, and the same undermining its huge potential.  Investing in SEO is a good long term strategy that affects the traffic directed to your website, whereas PPC works perfectly in a short term manner, operating through promotions and offers available for a specific period of time. Combining both strategies it is likely to bring satisfactory results, benefiting on SERPs.

At first it’s all about assessing your PPC budget. You need to set bids that you are ready to pay when somebody clicks your ads. Initially, concentrate on ads division into different categories, define which of them should possess higher priority and remember to put bigger amount of money per click on the more important ones in order obtain bigger exposure at the start.

In PPC keywords occupy important position as they have direct impact on SERPs lists. To achieve good results it is essential to meticulously determine targeted words; no more than five and less than three would do the trick. Keywords should entail primary and secondary set of words (in case you’re using Google Adwords Keyword Tool). For instance, the frist would be “Maltese affiliate blog on iGaming”, and the second “Malta affiliate blog on eGaming”. Try to use longtail keywords which put your content into niche with lesser competition. It is good to take care of your negative keywords list by adding positions like: gambling, losing, cheating, etc.

When it comes to ads writing, the focus is put on proper words usage. The more you engage your audience with shrewd and humorous phrases or word-games the better results you get. Just be creative!

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