Meet David Pome, Founder and Business Director at

We met David Pome, Founder and Business Director at for an interview about the company and thoughts about the industry.

Hello David, how are you? Are you ready for SiGMA17?

Hi Marius! I am fine and ready for the most anticipated event of the year!

How did you come to enter the online gaming space and set up your company?

At the beginning it was just a hobby. I was cooperating with one of the most famous website in Italy, dealing with poker, which was played a lot online in 2007. Later I made up my mind to create my own website concerning bets and sport, too, my real passion.

David Pome

Can you tell us a little about how your company business is structured?

At the start I made everything on my own. My bachelor degree in computer engineering was crucial for the creation of the site and the developing of graphics, contents, marketing and SEO. As the years passed, the business increased so much, that it became almost impossible making everything alone. That’s why I am counting now on a team consisting of few but very expert and responsive people, who help me every day.

A number of your competitors have gone down the real money operator route, and tried their hand at white labels. Have you also done this?

The temptation is always around the corner, but I think it is not the right moment now. Of course I will consider all next opportunities, but I will never drop out of the world of affiliate marketing. I would never abandon my “baby”, born in 2007!

Which markets do you focus on and do you see any potential in the emerging markets?

The most dynamic and attractive market is the English market. It is the leader in the world of gambling and, for the same reason, it is also the most difficult one. Because of my origins, I also work on the Italian maket and I bet on the development of the German and the Nordic ones, overall. As to the future, I am even expecting a big growth in South America and in some of African countries. Nevertheless, the whole industry has been waiting for a Usa boom for years.

How have Google’s algorithm updates affected the way you go about traffic generation, SEO and content at your company?

I have been costantly keeping abreast of  Google’s algorithm updates, but it is not affecting my job, at all. Since the first years, I have always been trying to offer the best and the most interesting contents to BetAndSkill’s readers, without resorting to “black hat techniques”, aimed to get more traffic. And, above all, we have always been favouring our players, rather than the operators. The good job is always worthwhile, in the long term, but you have to be very patient and devouted; you can’t have it all and once, you must be aware of it!

Are there any exciting plans in the works that you can tell us about?

We are just developing a mobile app, which will give our readers the possibility to be always updated on our betting tips, bonuses and special promotions. We work to guarantee them the best opportunities on the market.

What is the main thing that you’d like Sigma readers to know about your site?

It is one of the few sites which cover all verticals of the gambling industry, offering miscellaneous contents ( bets, casino, poker and bingo..) You know, we belong to gambling industry, but all our efforts are always aimed to the satisfaction and the safety of our players. We always invest our time in selecting the best partners and we are ready to suspend our partnership if some operators turn out to be rogue. We never publish blacklists on our website because we are 100% sure of the brand we are promoting. Furthermore, we believe it is very imporatant to get in touch both with the readers and the operators with whom we cooperate, in order to mediate in case of problems or arguments, and make our readers to always get better promotions than the standard offer.

What two pieces of advice would you give to any new affiliate starting today?

Be original and offer something new, never developed before. Be the first to understand the productive potential of an idea. And set your sights on the mobile users, of course!

Over 10 years’ experience in the iGaming industry, David Pome, is specialized in Italian and UK markets.

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