Meet PokCas: The Platform for Online Poker and Casino Brands

PokCas, the fight club for online poker and casino brands has launched

PokCas, a platform with a brand new idea has launched this month. At PokCas, the top poker and casino brands compete by improving their own brand image. What is more, visitors are able to see their latest standings, reviews and most importantly, private promotions — some of them cannot be found anywhere else.

According to the founders of PokCas, “There was no middleman in the market which would list the best of the best. Many websites currently depend on the brands and cannot risk losing their partnerships while many others simply do not care enough and you can see that in their generic advertisement banners and content. Because of so many years of experience that we have, we knew that something had to be done.»

The team behind PokCas knows the online poker and casino market inside and out. They are valuing customer needs and putting it on high priority that players receive an exceptional treatment. Thanks to PokCas platform, brands will benefit from the interaction with each other, while PokCas’ players will be receiving a VIP treatment.

Like no other platform, PokCas is independent, honest and willing to ensure that the top 5 MVPs are chosen based on the following factors: promotions, rakeback/cashback, trustworthiness/overall reputation, whither it is user-friendly, response to player feedback/ideas, innovation/uniqueness, game selection, software(s), traffic/popularity, overall engagement and other.

PokCas has partnered with PaySafe and is now offering everyone a free Neteller VIP Gold status. It does’t matter if you sign up via PokCas or if you already have an account, just get in touch with them by providing your Neteller account number — it is as simple as that.

You will benefit from free money transfers and annual reward points as well as a free MasterCard, and much more. Plus, there is a similar offer for Skrill members too. So, make sure to check out what these guys have to offer since they will be providing top quality deals!


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