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Meet the SiGMA editorial team

Introducing the amazing team behind SiGMAnews.mt

Arguably the most important team here at SiGMA Group Gaming Hub, the content division is always buzzing with creativity and intelligent conversation.   Adept at multi-channel reporting, we're leading the way in cross sector B2B news curation and thought leadership - we don't know any other company that straddles the worlds of iGaming, emerging tech, and Medical Cannabiz with such ease!

So we thought you'd like to meet these guardians of editorial prowess who work hard all day, every day to bring you all the important iGaming news, as well as the most interesting of interviews with key figures in the industry...

The Team

Katy Micallef - Head of Content

Katy is Head of Content across SiGMA, Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit, and Medical Cannabiz World. As part of her role she edits the company’s three official publications - SiGMAgazine, Block, and Green and facilitates the creative output of content across all three websites. Her strategy for growth in 2019 centres on expanding SiGMA’s media offering and bringing new ideas for content development into play. After graduating from the University of Malta with a degree in Communications, she taught English for several years, and freelanced in proofreading and feature writing. She also worked with a photo studio for a number of years before joining the company as Content Manager in early 2018.


Christopher Attard - Head of Media Operations

Christopher has been an avid crypto enthusiast since the early days back when he had no idea about Bitcoin other than it was cool, hip and a geeky underground trend. He has since accrued varied experience in multiple sectors, from his studies in psychology and human decision making to his short-lived yet highly educational years in the financial sector. Christopher is a contributor on several publications, chief among which being the Times of Malta and his Medium profile, where he now covers financial markets and the cryptocurrency sector in depth. Being an active, driven and engaged individual, Christopher is also flexing his organisational muscles in the events sector because as we all know, there's no business like show business.


Jessica Camilleri - Head of Design

Jessica is Head of Design across SiGMA, Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit, and the new Medical Cannabiz World event, set to take place in November 2019.   With so much on her plate, it's amazing that she finds time to create the beautifully put together magazines for the three current SiGMA Group event brands. Aside from managing the production of all our magazines, ensuring all events are branded, designing artwork, liaising with printers and much more, Jessica is also in charge of making sure everyone in the company is happy.   She's been working in graphic design for 10 years, since completing her degree in art at the MCAST art and design institute.


Aleksey Leonov - Photographer

Aleksey joined SiGMA in 2014, just in time for the first SiGMA show ever!  Has more than 16 years of experience in both event and portrait photography and is now focused on both photo and video production.  Aleksey has a passion for keeping up with the latest trends in digital video, getting hold of all the new tech he can afford to make the most of his video creations.  So on most weekends you can find him playing with his drone, his Ronin stabiliser, or any number of other gadgets that have a use in filming epic video scenes.  More recently, travelling around the world to capture all the best moments of SiGMA's Roadshow events has become a regular undertaking, and as SiGMA Group expands into new territories with iGaming, blockchain, and more, Aleksey will be notching up those frequent flyer miles!


Jools Moore - Publishing Director

Jools Moore joined SiGMA in late 2018, jumping the fence from a 20 year career in PR and content to see how the other side lives.  Having worked in the iGaming sector since 2004, he knows his stuff and has worked closely with various brands over the years, on everything from brand launches to lobbying on the hill in Washington.  At SiGMA, Jools has been focussed on taking the online editorial space to the next level, designing a new website with better user experience, more news features, and an big increase in the number of paid media opportunities - something that our clients have been crying out for.   With a background in content and comms, Jools also ran a video production agency in London for several years, so naturally video content is high on the list for the new look SiGMAnews website.


Surya Manesh - Marketing Strategist

Surya is Marketing Strategist across SiGMA, Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit, and Medical Cannabiz World. He handles all the social media pages across all the three brands to help ensure the distribution of different types of content in an optimal way to elevate SiGMA's overall online visibility. In addition, he also manages media partnerships and email marketing as part of the SiGMA's marketing efforts. After graduating from the MIUC, Spain with a Masters degree in Business Management, he worked for 2 years in the e-commerce start-up world while living across 7 different European countries.



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