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Meet the Startup: Casino Luks

SiGMA talks to Casino Luks to find out everything about this virtual reality online casino

Casino Luks is one of the companies taking part in the upcoming SiGMA17 Startup Pitch event. Casino Luks offers a live casino system with a 360° virtual reality. It’s an online casino for players hosting only top best casino online games such as slots, jackpots, video poker, table games, and many more.

What is your company’s unique differentiating idea?

Our idea is to modernize and revolutionize user’s interface and experience with gambling games, by renting/selling our system to other businesses, so they have the most modern virtual reality 360 degrees live casino systems.

Who are your main competitors? 

The closest answer would be “no one so far», because we have created the category of games that no one yet has, but due to formality, the closest competitors would be the companies that have live casino systems, that could be potentially working on a similar project.

What differentiates you from your competitors? Specifically, what do you provide that is currently not available in the market or how do you differ from your competitors?

With no founds we have created a fully functional demo, and by that we proved that our idea is not science fiction even though it sounds like it. Nothing even close to our system is available in the market. We are hard working people that have many ideas and find ways on how to do them with as least founds as possible.

What milestones or tangible traction have you achieved to date? 

Our VR 360 degrees live casino project got a lot of attention and recognition from the top product managers in the industry. Regarding my other success, I have developed a lot of successful technology related projects. One of them is an affiliate casino games website (casinoluks.com), that I fully developed from scratch and manage by myself.

Please explain your objectives for participating in SIGMA Pitch Event.

My main objective is to explain the developed system and our company goals in order to get founds, or sell the idea together with a prototype.

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