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Meet the Startup: Fantas.ee

SiGMA catches up with Fantas.ee Startup

Fantas.ee is a mobile daily fantasy sports platform. Recently, they finished the world’s first and only mobile accelerator program, MOX in Taipei. Fantas.ee’s first game FunCricket is available in selected markets. Fantas.ee is one of the startups participating in SiGMA Startup Pitch.

What is your company’s unique differentiating idea?

Our product was built from the ground up to be a very flexible solution to be able to accommodate multiple markets, sports and business models. We can build a game to win brick and mortar vouchers in rugby for Australia, for Sands, or create our own brand for cricket in India, where users compete for real money prizes — in a matter of weeks. Our game mechanics are also twisted a little bit, so we can avoid the problem USA fantasy sports sites faced when finding that only 2% of the players win 90% of the money.

What differentiates you from your competitors? Specifically, what do you provide that is currently not available in the market or how do you differ from your competitors?

The full range of player commitment is accommodated from free players, through pay to win ending with hardcores paying entry fees to win real money prize pools. Our unique game mechanics allow a more fair winning chance for most players. Our market strategy does not rely only on building brands but strategic partnerships with established brands. We have ongoing discussions with SEA region media sites for white labels and Mobile OEMs for preinstalling our games on every new phone sold.

What milestones or tangible traction have you achieved to date?

We have 56k installations and 140k downloads in India before even having any real promotion and appealing competitions. We have ongoing negotiations with Indian mobile OEMs for preinstalls Indonesian and Thai media sites for white labels. We launched without payment as a free game to sort out technical issues and UI problems which resulted in a 70% increase in registrations, and building a retargeting base for Facebook and Google display campaigns. Rolling out for the payment option is scheduled for the next two weeks, which we will promote with several smaller fixed prize competitions.

The application is now solid without any errors or major UI confusions and matching the market characteristics of our first target market, it is less than 2,5MB. The client only includes the absolute necessity for the game, everything else is cloud based, server side. This allows us to tweak and update many aspects of the game without annoying prompts for the user to download something.

Please explain your objectives for participating in SiGMA Pitch Event.

Last year’s SiGMA was all about how the next big thing is going to be fantasy sports, and yet, we were surprised how few companies were doing anything about it. Now we seek more exposure. Through the Pitch we hope to raise smart money from people or companies that can help with more than writing a cheque, bringing their expertise and network to the table. We also hope to leverage the exposure and find potential partners for whitelabels, promotion, payment options.

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