MGA to propose new regulations on digital games of skill with prize

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is planning to propose new regulations governing digital games of skill with prize.


Joseph Cuschieri – Executive Chairman at Malta Gaming Authority

The Maltese regulatory body conducted public consultations, that shown the need of creating new regulatory framework concerning games that “are very predominantly and/or totally influenced by the skill of the player (and a negligible element of chance)”. The Authority learned, that such games should be regulated in a different way and distinguished from some of the types of games of chance.

Amongst others, the most relevant provisions will include subjects such as extending the scope of regulated games with prize including “pure skill games”, clarifying the definitions of different games, adopting various monitoring instruments and extending some of the functions and responsibilities of the Authority.

Detailed information, as well as the received feedback, can be found in the position paper posted on the MGA’s website here.

The official proposal is expected to be introduced to the Government in a few months.



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