Dec 9 / 2015
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Mobilbet creates another millionaire in Norway

Mobilbet, the online casino operator focusing on mobile devices that was present during SiGMA15, has made another millionaire with its MegaFortune Jackpot.

What was supposed to 475835602_640be a regular lunch-break, turned out as a life changing spin for the company’s customer from Norway who has won an enormous prize of €1.3 million on his tablet. The latest Norwegian millionaire is 46-years-old father of two from Buskerud.

The winner announced, that “a new house and a vacation in California will be the family’s Christmas presents this year”. “Life will continue as usual” – he added.

“We are very excited that Mobilbet has created another millionaire out there”, Daniel Bradtke, co-founder and chief marketing officer at Mobilbet commented.

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