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New Flight Connection Between Malaga and Malta operated by Air Malta

The iGaming sector has a huge impact on business in Malta, at an impressive 12 percent of the GDP, and is expected to continue growing. The flourishing industry attracts many foreign companies, especially between Malaga and Gibraltar, located in the South of Spain. However, this collaboration has been difficult as there have not been any direct flights between both industry locations in the past. People travelling between Malta and Malaga and/or Gibraltar face extensive travel hours, layovers at foreign airports and long journeys causing unnecessary losses for the companies. These flight connections were not considered optimal for successful collaboration.

To ease the transit between the airports of Malaga (AGP), Gibraltar (GIB) and Malta (MLA), a petition was created by Robin Reed from Gaming Innovation Group in an attempt to gain support for the inclusion of a direct flight connection between Malta and Spain. Along with many others, Robin works in Malta and lives in Spain. Therefore, he needs to travel frequently between both countries.


The announcement  of Air Malta was thanked by CEO of Gaming Innovation Group, Robin Reed, with the words: “We are very happy to see Air Malta connecting the two iGaming hubs of the world together. This will connect people across the industry and make their lives more lean and comfortable. It is of tremendous value to GIG company whom is employing almost 500 people across the two locations and we are incredibly thankful to everyone whom signed up to the petition, and to those whom enabled it”.


Henrik Persson


His petition was welcomed by other gaming companies such as Optimizer Invest. Henrik Persson, Partner & Co-Founder of Optimizer Invest, commented: “Very nice to see that Air Malta act on the advice that the industry has given them. The new route will connect two strong gaming hubs and ease the communication for all companies with offices both in Malta and Gibraltar. It will also give great access to the growing tech environment of southern Spain and the Spanish gaming market. Well played Air Malta!”


Air Malta responded to the high demand and will introduce their new route between Malaga and Malta by the beginning of summer 2018. Air Malta announced that they will be flying biweekly.

This announcement is expected to expand the customer base of Air Malta while increasing business in the iGaming industry.

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