New partnership between Relax Gaming and Pomadorro

Relax Gaming and Pomadorro join forces

Relax Gaming is a well-known provider of industry-leading content and software for many different online casinos. Founded in 2010 on Malta, the company has been developed and reached new goals and gaming audiences.

Recently, this game studio network has expanded. A new deal was made with the multi-brand casino online operator Pomadorro. Just before that Relax Gaming made a contract with a Swedish iGaming operator LeoVegas AB.

PomadorroN.V. is one of the largest gambling operators that owns a lot of gambling websites, mostly for Russian-speaking players, but available worldwide. Major casino online brands under Pomadorro are Joy Casino and Casino X.

Relax Gaming table games integrated into the Pomadorro network

The contract was signed on February 20, 2018.This partnership places emphasis on the table games developed by Relax Gaming. The company will provide its new cost-effective table games. There are Roulette and Blackjack among them. The contract may open up new possibilities and involve other kinds of games.

Boosting development through the partnership

A representative from Pomadorro said that table games had always been a key product for them, popular via various websites. The company considers new Relax Gaming products as a significant boost to the portfolio and a logical way of collection enlargement and development.

Both Relax Gaming and Pomadorro see this partnership as a solid image-building step, mutually profitable. Patrik Österåker, Relax Gaming CEO, is certain that territories of casinos online owned by Pomadorrowill form a successful platform for their products and make it easy to reach various gamers by corresponding their needs.

Table games as a starting point

Due to the contract between the casino online operator and the developer, table games will be integrated at first. Relax Gaming is famous for its Roulette and Blackjack available via many websites online.

Their Roulette has a lot of attractive features like betting patterns, autoplay option and game statistics. Also, it is suitable to play through the mobile version. What is eye-catching, it has a pleasing classy visual style and jazz-fueled soundtrack. Relax Gaming surely know how to enhance gaming process and reshape a classical game. Now this kind of Roulette will cover a wider market thanks to the Pomadorro partnership.

Their Blackjack is also old-fashioned in its appearance but up-to-date in its functions. It even has a motto stating that this game is a classic Blackjack but just more beautiful and better. It is a stripped back version of a famous game appealing to any kind of casino online customer. It comes with a great move indicator which makes possible for players to actually know what move would be mathematically correct in each situation.

If these games integrated into new markets will go well with new customers the contract will be extended and new Relax Gaming products will be added to the websites held by Pomadorro.


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