Optimizer Invest’s 2017 Start-Up Hunt

Since 2012, Optimizer Invest has invested in over 23 companies, of which many companies have been humble start-ups that were seeded, funded, supported and guided by Optimizer Invest. Optimizer Invest always takes growth one step further so on top of the 23 companies we have also assisted in 14 acquisitions, 1 merger and 7 capital raises!

Our start-up and investment success timeline

In 2012 we invested in Catena Media. We worked hand in hand with the founders; funded, supported and facilitated their growth. Today Catena Media has a market cap of €350M and is listed on the Swedish stock exchange and has over 140 employees.

In 2013 we incubated Betit Group, (Thrills, SuperLenny and Kaboo), we helped grow the company from the ground up and in June 2016 we were involved in the sale of Betit to Gaming Innovation Group, a Norwegian listed company.

In 2014 we invested in very early stages of Tinitell; a kid’s wearable phone and tracking device. Since then we have been working hands on with the CEO and his team on further product development and distribution. So far units have been sold in over 80 countries.

In 2015 we incubated a stellar (secret) company within the fintech sector that will soon launch and take the Nordics by storm!

In 2016 we merged Betit with Gaming Innovation Group, a Norwegian listed company with a market cap of €220M, this company has over 300+ employees.

We are great at investing in start-ups, accelerating them by means of providing them with funding, support and the tools they need and then we go the extra mile to help them grow into healthy successful companies.

Optimizer Invest’s accelerator model is not about investing tiny ticket sizes into 100’s of companies and hoping for the best. We believe in building quality companies so we commit our time, passion and energy and become an actively involved in building the foundations with the entrepreneurs.

It goes without saying that the everlasting entrepreneurs within ourselves love the challenge and thrill of start-ups so every year we look for a new start-up to bring into our portfolio!

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