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Payments and Financial Insights Launched by GiG and iGC


GiG (Gaming Innovation Group) and iGC (iGaming Cloud) proudly announce the launch of iGC Payments and Financial Insights

In the third quarter of 2017, iGC Insights was released as a completely new platform for reporting and guided analytics. It enables users to access and work with corporate data with visualisations through a so called self-service business intelligence (SSBI) approach.

The data is visualised and turned into understandable data for end users who do not have a background in data mining or statistical analysis, for instance. To ease the decision making process, the information is converted into charts, scatter plots, tables or geographical maps.

Payments Insights

SiGMA-igaming-GiG at SiGMA

GiG at SiGMA 17

Payments Insights enables users to make the most out of their payments data. Raw data is translated into an interactive and easy understandable dashboard. This way, users can analyse customer behaviour and market trends. In addition, it brings competitive advantages as payment problems can be identified and solved quickly.

Head of B2B Support/Risk & Fraud, Mark Weston, points out, “Payments Insights has been developed with present and future Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Responsible Gaming requirements in mind. Payments Insights allows users the ability to identify anomalous transactions per user to satisfy your compliance needs. Transactions which deviate from historical behaviour, and similarly that of a single user’s activity when compared to standard market behaviour are easily identified.”

Financial Insights

This week, iGC made an additional launch and introduced Financial Insights, which further boosts the coverage and visualisation of data crucial for businesses.

Financial Insights is an executive dashboard and presents essential business intelligence visually and instantly. Therefore, it is a useful tool for management to boost their company’s productivity, to align business actions with their corporate strategy and to help in critical decision making.

Further, this information provides executives with an overall view of the organisation in terms of critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI), helps to identify growth opportunities and directly target areas of improvement.

The dashboard provides an overview of the company’s met targets and the areas that need to be checked for negative trending.

Aaron Xuereb, Director of Data for Gaming Innovation Group, expressed, “Information is everything and knowledge is power. Fully utilizing our state of the art data platform, iGC Insights is all about providing users with a powerful tool to visualize and explore data. The perfect way to perform analysis and facilitate fact-based decision making.”


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