Philippine congressman urges PAGCOR to issue iGaming employment permit

This will help the government track company compliance and tax payments

This Monday,  Chairman of the Philippine House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Joey Salceda, urged the Philippine Entertainment Gaming Company (PAGCOR) to issue iGaming Employment Licences (GEL ID) to employees of iGaming companies.

Salceda, continues to work hard to collect taxes from the industry as iGaming companies are resuming work.

Rep. Joey Salceda urges PAGCOR to issue iGaming working permits to employees of iGaming companies.

Salceda said that issuing a GEL ID will help the government track which iGaming companies are legal, prompting them to pay appropriate taxes. Salceda told reporters: "PAGCOR [should] give each iGaming worker a GEL ID."

Each GEL ID must contain the worker's taxpayer identification number (TIN) and the work permit number of the bureau of internal revenue (BIR), as well as other key details.

Salceda added that iGaming workers (most of whom are Chinese) must also have a certificate of "having participated in education on local conditions".

He pointed out that the brutal behavior of foreign iGaming workers has aroused the resentment of many locals, and it is necessary for them to respect the local culture and history.

Salceda estimates that if iGaming companies are allowed to resume operations, their monthly taxes may be as high as 2 billion pesos.

In order to help contain the virus, when it comes to COVID-19, Salceda also asked for workers from iGaming companies to be tested for the virus.

He said: "Every company needs to submit a certificate of iGaming workers tested."

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