PlayPearls teams up with SiGMA for charity tournament

The Grand Charity Clash final showdown will take place over SiGMA

The iGaming industry has undergone many, many changes in recent years. Technologic advances in several fields, combined with increasingly strict regulatory frameworks, have created an environment where companies have to adapt and innovate to stay in the running.

sigma igaming PlayPearls teams up with SiGMA for charity tournament Freya, Arrow of the North.

As an industry, we can also no longer consider ourselves as ‘Start up’. One of the questions we must ask now is whether or not a new concept or product is feeding into a saturated market – is there room for one more platform, one more game-studio, one more operator?

Here at PlayPpearls we believe that the answer to that question must be a resounding “NO”. A novel approach to the entire concept of the online casino, supported by a dedicated creative team allows a new business to establish itself – and if done well – distinguish itself with fresh ideas.

Inside the PlayPearls universe, we are consistently pushing the boundaries. Drawing inspiration from the e-gaming community, wrapped up in a beautifully crafted retro-package, we tell stories and make legends. The social casino is a great way to bring the fun back into slots –players can play, compete and chat in a friendly, exciting and safe environment.

The ongoing regulatory adjustments could well be considered detrimental, but we believe it is all in how you approach it. As a business, compliance by design has become a necessary component in any new process, product or methodology. Both the existing, more traditional customer base and the new Gen players are more informed and knowledgeable than ever before. Once a business accepts and incorporates these two factors, both can be turned into advantages for the bottom line.

By including your players in the conversation, you are answering the basic requirement of establishing that personal connection. The human factor is an increasingly critical element in any decision – product, marketing, customer service – and of course – reputational. We are seeing a trend in which the iGaming industry is no longer on the fringes of society and only seen in the news when there is a fine, or court ruling. Positive press around innovation and commercial acquisitions is on the rise. And in large part this must be credited to the users – in the age of social media what users think, and how they feel about your product can make or break a business. That being said, we believe more can and should be done on the reputational front, and in particular on the issues of Social Responsibility.

So how do you go about creating a concept that will endure, and appeal across a broad spectrum? In our case, it is all down to our founder and CEO, Vesa Lumielle. Incorporating nostalgic design, with highly engaging gamer inspired content and storylines, all based on the latest technology and compliant by design, the Slotclash brand was born. A true Social Casino –Twitch streamers, chat, competition and the clan feature combined with all the ingenuity and passion our team brings to our games have created an unforgettable brand!

These principles are summarised best by our values and the promise we make to all our clients – be they a player, operator or partner: ‘The foundation of PlayPearls is to exceed the expectations of our clients and partners. We aim to preserve the nostalgic prestige of traditional casinos while expanding the power of social iGaming and riding the wave of the future. Devotion to customer service and satisfaction ensure the highest possible return on your investment - we are here to make your operation more profitable.’

It is therefore with all these factors in mind that we have decided to create The Grand Charity Clash in cooperation with Sigma.

Taking social casino a step further, companies in the iGaming industry are invited to register their Clans to compete in an all-out 28 day battle culminating in a The Final Showdown – where the top 9 teams will duke it out during the 3 days of Sigma.

100% of proceeds from this tournament will form a part of the contribution to the President’s Community Chest Fund – supporting among other things Responsible Gambling.

Meet Bloody Mary, Freya, John – and of course Rex – along with all the other characters that populate our universe. Play in a social environment with colleagues and friends. And of course, compete and secure the bragging rights, all while supporting causes integral to the health and ongoing success of our shared industry.

Check out our latest events in the videos below:

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