PM of Malta announce plans for International School for children of Expats

The Prime Minister of Malta, the Honorable Joseph Muscat made announcements recently that the government will be launching a call for expression for a tender that would see an abandoned school in Mtarfa be restored to a new international school in the coming weeks. The new school will be offering the IB system rather than the SEC system.

The IB system or the International Baccalaureate system has a worldwide network of over 4,000 highly respected IB Schools. Those schools currently employ over 70,000 educators, teaching more than one million students worldwide and go beyond normal curricula by developing inquiring knowledgeable and caring young people that are motivated to success.

There is an increasing number of expats in Malta due especially to the gaming industry where over 9,000 people are reportedly employed according to MGA reports, with a high percentage of them being foreigners.

Because of this increasing number of expats and their families relocating to Malta, being attracted to the laid back Meditarrean island lifestyle and vast iGaming job opportunities, there is a growing concern for space in the local schools. Many schools are now unable to accommodate the children of expats due to limitations of space.

It has also become a growing trend among foreigner where many of them prefer to have their children learn from the IB system or send them to private schools. This is most likely due to the use of English in these private schools rather than the focus of Maltese in the public schools.

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