Jan 21 / 2019
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PMG Group announces change in shareholders

Michael Finderup agrees shares deal with PMG Group stakeholders

PMG Group, a Copenhagen and Malta-based digital marketing group with assets such as Matching Visions, Power Media Group, Rvnue, SportsInnovation and Voonix in their portfolio, has announced that the group is slimming down its ownership circle going into 2019.

Existing shareholders Dennis Dyhr-Hansen, Morten Marcussen and Mikael Strunge have formalised an agreement with Michael Finderup to take over his shares in the group.

sigma igaming PMG Group announce change in shareholders
Michael Finderup.

Dennis Dyhr-Hansen, board member of PMG Group and Matching Visions CEO said: “Michael Finderup vacated his operational position in the company in early 2018 and has been working on projects outside PMG. That situation combined with a different view on how the company should move forward on a strategic level led to a discussion about a potential buyout during the fall of 2018. We are all satisfied with the agreement and are separating amicably as friends.”

Michael Finderup has been an instrumental part of building up PMG Group. He has been leading the way on several projects within the group and many of his ideas and concepts are an integrated part of the group’s DNA to this day.

All PMG Group projects will be operated and managed with no change in staff, structure and strategy. No clients, partners or suppliers will be affected by this change.

The transfer sum of the shares are not public information. Michael Finderup will keep a passive minority interest in Matching Visions going forward.

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