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Poker in-person vs. playing online: what's different and why you should consider playing both

Improve your poker playing skills

Some people play poker online, and then there are those who would never consider playing anywhere but a brick and mortar casino.

People are quick to judge the validity of an online casino and criticize it for not being a “real” way to play poker, but if you consider the Global Online World Challenge Poker Tournament and other events, online poker is the real deal.

Even though online poker has been alive and well since the start of the millennium, many people still hesitate to give it a try and don’t see how it can help you improve your game. Let’s take a look at some of the differences and how playing both can actually improve your poker playing skills.

Online poker can be a perfect learning opportunity

Whether you’re new to the world of poker or just haven’t played in a few years (or decades), playing online may be the ideal opportunity to learn the game and improve your strategy. Depending on where you play online, some sites provide excellent resources and tutorials for improving your poker strategy.

While many people prefer to learn how to play when they are sitting at a land-based casino, you may not be lucky enough to get some helpful tips when playing. You might play with someone who is nice enough to give you some pointers, but you’re usually left to figure it out on your own (which can be good and bad).

Online poker is typically faster

Online poker games tend to have a faster pace, which means you can play more games; if you play more games of poker, you’ll have more opportunities to practice and improve.

There are always a few downsides like the risk of feeling a little over your head and the challenge of thinking fast (and maybe not making your best move). Even with these challenges, you’ll probably improve your skills more quickly.

Playing poker at a brick and mortar casino (or even with your friends in the basement) may feel a little more personal, but it’s bound to take longer.

It’s easier to concentrate and be less intimidated playing online poker

Playing poker, in-person, with others can be a little intimidating and if you’re easy to distract your opponents will catch on pretty fast. When you play poker online, you can focus more on your skills and strategy rather than trying to read the non-verbal cues and the faces of your opponents.

Poker isn’t just about the cards that are in your hand, but also about trying to “read” the other players. For this reason, it’s advantageous to play a few games in a land-based casino, just so you get the full poker experience.

Play as much as you can online and in-person

Some pokers players, whether they play online or at a brick and mortar casino, will never be convinced that both types of venues have their own advantages. If you want to improve your poker game overall, the best thing you can do is play as much poker as you can regardless if it’s online or in a land-based casino.

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