Pokerstars Launches Popular ‘The Deal’ Mini Game

The world’s largest poker room, Pokerstars, has launched The Deal – popular mini game previously only available on Full Tilt. The game is now available for players to enjoy on desktop client and mobile app.

The Deal is a quick-fire poker mini game where players can spend as little as 7 StarsCoin for the chance to instantly win cash prizes and get a shot at spinning the wheel for the progressive jackpot, which ranges from $25,000 upwards. Players can also choose to buy-in for 70 StarsCoin for the chance to win even larger prizes and a better chance of hitting the jackpot.

Players of The Deal are dealt seven cards face down and given the option to discard two, leaving a five-card poker hand which is then revealed to the player. Based on the strength of the hand, StarsCoin and cash prizes are paid out; the higher the hand ranking, the better the prize.

The progressive jackpot is activated when a player makes either a Straight Flush in the 70 StarsCoin mode, or a Royal Flush in the 7 StarsCoin mode – the highest ranked hands in a poker game. These hands give players a chance to spin the wheel for a shot at the progressive jackpot. Once the jackpot is struck, anyone who has played The Deal within the last 12 hours wins a share of half of the jackpot!

Commenting on the launch, Director of Poker Innovation and Operations, Severin Rasset, said: “This introduction of The Deal to PokerStars is great news. PokerStars players get the chance to play an exciting game, and Full Tilt players benefit from the additional liquidity that the PokerStars clients bring to the table. It’s sure to mean that the progressive jackpot builds up at an even faster rate and is triggered more frequently.”

Funds from the previous Full Tilt jackpot which ended at $109,298.89 will be distributed on Christmas Day via an All-In Shootout among all Full Tilt players who had played The Deal since the last jackpot was triggered in September 2016 and prior to the launch on PokerStars.

The game, which has already proven hugely popular on Full Tilt, has been launched by PokerStars across a variety of licenses including Malta and Isle of Man, with more to be added in the coming weeks.

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