PokerStars #raiseit social media campaign a worldwide success

PokerStars social media campaign that was launched last year in a bid to engage recreational players has become a worldwide success reaching views of over 158 million. The campaign has been branded under the hashtag #raiseit featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwyane Wade, Neymar Jr, Ronaldo Nazario and other legendary sports stars and has become an international hit with sports fans.

This media campaign encourages players to challenges their friends, family and work colleagues to #raiseit via a series of social video showdowns that shows off their skills in trick shots and stunts.

The second installation of the series was played out from November 2016 to January 2017 featuring football sensation Ronaldo and NBA star, Chicago Bulls player Wade in a series of competitive and playful videos that were created by PokerStars, by the world’s largest online site. The videos were shared on Ronaldo and Wade’s social media sites which have millions of followers combined, introducing millions of players to the PokerStars brand.

The first campaign featured Team PokerStars SportStar Neymar Jr and Brazilian football legend Ronaldo Nazario in June of last year.

The viral challenge is even more extreme this time around with the battle between Ronaldo and Wade pushing their limits. Seven rounds of everyday tasks were showcased featuring impressive trick shots in the fun duelling campaigns.

Wade stated: “I really enjoyed coming up with unique #raiseit ideas to out-smart Ronaldo.”

“The challenge not only pushes boundaries but gets your imagination going. It gets you thinking, ‘What can I do to get that person fired up? And how can I think ahead and outsmart their response before they even act?’ It’s going to be a lot of fun to see how it plays out.”

Cristiano Ronaldo had this to say: “#raiseit encourages people to show the talents they have whether it’s something they use every day or a secret talent that they can surprise people with. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become the best at what you do so I really enjoy challenging others to do better as it keeps me on my toes.

“Being paired with Dwyane for #raiseit encouraged me to think about how we could compete with each other creatively and have some fun trying to one-up each other. I like to challenge myself both on and off the pitch and these videos provided the perfect outlet for that .”

The #raiseit mentality is all about the competitive nature of poker and sports having a fun go at the poker mentality of raising the stakes to one-up your opponent. It showcases the perseverance and focus needed to be successful in both.

Vice President of Corporate Communications for PokerStars and Amaya Inc Eric Hollreiser said: “Reaching new audiences is the lifeblood of our business and we are very pleased to have created entertaining and engaging social content that brings the PokerStars brand and the playful competition of poker to such a mass audience,” 

“The fun competitive nature of these sports stars embody the spirit of the brand and the accessibility of poker as a social game of wits and strategy.”


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