Policy Predictions in iGaming: Winds of Change

The iGaming business in Europe has been doing considerably good, and still persists to be like that, however recent predictions shed a different light on the future what for many operators and affiliates appears rather daunting, or even raises plethora of questions. The atmosphere got a little tense when changes have been proposed under UK law that would affect not only country’s businesses and customers but also networks of affiliates in Europe. There are some restrictions to be put and for many it may seem a real drama. Why? The tweeting birds report about abolition of so called “white list” what means the industry may be hit, hit big time. Nonetheless the panorama of changes appears hazy and only foreign businesses operating in UK may find themselves on the front line.

British operators and afilliates may take a quick gasp of relaxation. The changes won’t affect directly any UK customer services. And there are no prohibitions nor law preventions to be forwarded whereas the advertising sector is on the aim. The UK’s policy makes moves on foreign gambling advertising, not engaging the countries on “the white list”. That’s what are all the fears about, the disappearing of this asset or rather what is expected in the future.

The deal serves different cards for iGaming and it mainly concerns licensing. In the UK business cannot go without prior possession of the licence when operating within the borders of the country. The dark scenario: foreign operators in European Economic Area with customers in the UK will have to obtain the licence and fall under British taxing system.

What’s the trick? EEA complies with EU policy what enables foreign capital within the framework member countries to flow, accordingly to rules in the EU. Nevertheless, Italy and France decided to “misbehave” and legislated their own policies allowing only local licensed businesses. And EU administration appears not to have any issues with that afterall. It seems that British feel somehow behind the line and are ready to change it.

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