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Popular gaming sites banned in Latvia

The IAUI, (the Latvia Lotteries and Gambling Supervision Inspection) has recently announced an exhaustive list of gaming websites that will not be permitted to operate in Latvia. This follows a recent signed cooperation agreement with neighbouring states Lithuania and Estonia. The agreement between these Baltic states covers the “sharing or exchange of good practices in the field of supervision and control of the organisation of lotteries and gambling”.

Some of the popular websites that have been listed in this blacklisting exercise include the likes of Bwincom, Pokerstars.eu, Unibet.net, Fulltilt, 888.com, bet365.com as well as williamhill.com. Other websites belonging to companies based in Malta such as betsson.com has also been listed.

Since its inception the Lotteries and Gambling Supervision Inspection in Latvia has been implementing the govt functions in arrangement of lotteries and gambling. The Inspection started operations on 1st January ’98 and is managed by the director of Inspection, under the subordination there are the Assistant and Deputy Director, Controls Department as well as the Legal Department.

The Supervision Inspection also issues licenses to open casinos, gaming and bingo halls as well as any venues accepting betting or lotteries, whether held on a regular basis or on single ocasions.

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