Rank Group projected to launch new Bingo Halls

The Rank Group has redirected their attention on focusing on the expansion of their Casino and Bingo Halls with a launch of  a new chain of Bingo halls following the fold on the bids for William Hill.

Rank has projected a new 100-club bingo chain that they hope will attract a new, younger crowd to what has traditionally been considered a dying game. CEO Henry Birch states that the new chain of clubs will be different from the currently existing Mecca Halls. This chain will also offer online games along with the traditional form of bingo.

Birch also insisted that despite the abandonment of the William Hill bid with 888, Rank definitely has a role to play in the gambling industry consolidation. He claims that the bingo brand could grow to close to 100 sites if successful which plans to also be accessible online.

These new chain of halls is believed to offer a modern take on traditional bingo experience. While the Mecca chain locations tended to be on the outskirts of towns and cities, Birch says that these new chains will center on “convenience gaming” and will be located in city centers and nightclub heavy locations. They will be smaller and more accessible for younger players.

Birch declined to reveal the name of the new chain but the Daily telegraph has reported that a Rank Group subsidiary has recently registered trademarks for ‘Luma’, ‘Luda’ and ‘Kuda’. These have been cited as probable names of the new brand.
Rank plans to open these ‘convenience’ sites to a test market in the early part of 2017 and they have planned further launches later in the year.




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