Reelzone pave the wave for innovation  

Reelzone talks about the company’s strategic plan of enabling the iGaming space to tap into the Social Casino Market   

Reelzone is a brand new intelligent marketing platform comprising a suite of services where casino game providers can market their games in a hybrid social casino context to reach and attract new demographics and audiences. It is basically a pop-up store for providers with the intention to create a key differentiation by leveraging the growth and opportunity in the Social Casino Gaming space.   


Dennis Dyhr Hansen Dennis Dyhr Hansen, Director of Matching Visions.


 The number of people participating in social casino gaming is ever increasing and the free-to-play model is driving the market growth. Reelzone’s overall vision is to enable game service providers to use the platform as a means to increase the general interaction between their games and the players, making the individual player familiar with their game portfolio before they decide to transition to real money play.

Stefan Rafael, CMO, at Reelzone said: ”Consequently, the platform will enable providers to enter an untouched market with over 800 million players and apply it as a marketing funnel for players of all sorts. Furthermore, Reelzone will enable game providers to have more control over the way their games are promoted in order to both increase consumer behavioral knowledge and to breathe new life into games with unrealized potential. 


CEO Sander de Vries.


Pontus Espe, CTO, and co-founder at Reelzone, said: "We want to bring the real online casino experience to the social market that is currently dominated by players that have viewed the industry in the same way for the past five years. Reelzone is determined to transform the social gaming market by offering a safe, free, and entertaining meeting place where people from two markets can enjoy high-quality games in a multi-player context.”  

Reelzone is a start-up in the purest sense of the word but has already made some waves early in life, having already secured agreements with game developers and by bringing home a strategic partnership with iGaming veteran, Matching Visions.  

Sander de Vries, CEO, CTO and co-founder of Reelzone said: Our partnership with Matching visions is a strategic step towards fulfilling the vision and plans of Reelzone. We’re thrilled to be working with a company possessing such broad and extensive competences and knowledge in the industry.   

“It took us a long time to decide to partner up with Reelzone. Around 15 minutes", Dennis Dyhr Hansen, Director of - jokingly said before turning serious: "This project has a vision of solving a complicated problem that game developers have in a very easy and straightforward way. 

Reelzone has furthermore built a product that grants the users a social casino experience that truly compares to what they will be facing once they take the jump into real money play with a casino operator. We were excited about this project from the first time we heard about it and we are very happy to join forces with this innovative group of entrepreneurs”  

Reelzone will not only grant Game Developers a much-needed marketing platform but also utilize the vast amount of data from the platform to provide them with insights, empowering them to better understand the individual player and make faster and more informed decisions. Several plans have been put in motion in order to take advantage of the power that lies within analytics and AI.  

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