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Responsible Gaming Foundation outlines four year plan

The Responsible Gaming Foundation started functioning earlier this week with the setting up of a business plan, outlining a four-year term foresight with the aims and objectives of the Foundation. The event was held in the presence of the LGA executive chairman Joseph Cuschieri and Foundation chairman Silvio Schembri.

Parliamentary Secretary responsible for remote gaming in Malta Jose Herrera reiterated the government’s commitment to educate the general public. His speech was delivered at Maltco’s main offices on the same day he was presented with €50,000 by Maltco and other sums from several gaming companies, to be utilized by the Foundation for the said purpose. AS part of the government’s vision is the setting up of an academy in collaboration with the LGA and the university of Malta, which will train people to help gambling addicts and their families.

It is important for the long term well being of the remote gaming industry that the right balance is found between promoting Malta’s igaming industry and sustaining a rigorous corporate social responsibility program.

Image source: Times of Malta


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