Reveelz Startup Reveals the Game-Changing Technology

SiGMA talks to Reveelz founders to find out everything about their unique startup, which takes the concept of addressability to a whole new level

One of the participants in SiGMA Startup Pitch this year, Reveelz, is a game-changing new technology. The company developed an application that takes any anonymous mobile user and accesses the details including personal, financial and customer data, associated with where you live.

What is your company’s unique differentiating idea?

Reveelz’ game-changing technology solves a major problem in mobile marketing by taking any unknown mobile user and accessing all of his or her personal, financial and consumer data — without violating privacy. This information was previously inaccessible in mobile, and Reveelz can now empower any mobile marketer with pinpoint precision targeting. As an API, Reveelz’s one line of code easily integrates into any mobile site or APP — with no downloads required on the part of the user. This detailed understanding of the mobile user delivers increased customer acquisition and increased revenue.


What is Reveelz?


What differentiates you from your competitors? Specifically, what do you provide that is currently not available in the market or how do you differ from your competitors?

What is special is that Reveelz’s technology delivers far superior results over the techniques used by existing mobile technologies in order to identify and target a mobile user. These current techniques used by other companies include IP address, Cross-device, Geo-location and Contextual — which rely on broad generic profiling and lack the ability to obtain the mobile user’s specific personal information. By knowing exactly who the mobile user is and their specific information, for example, household income, credit score, house value, car driven, Reveelz’s technology is able to create a precise and granular understanding of the mobile user in real time.



With SuperData integration, Reveelz technology has the superior personal information essential to best approach each unknown digital user


What milestones or tangible traction have you achieved to date?

Working with Resorts International — New Jersey; awarded by Advertising Week New York as Innovative Technology Company; becoming the Finalist in Deloitte’s Best New Start Up in Tel Aviv.

Please explain your objectives for participating in SIGMA Pitch Event.

To expand the company’s profile and access into the EU Market through meeting potential investors and clients.



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