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RGT selects PwC to conduct research on gambling-related harm

Responsible Gambling Trust, British charity funded by donations from the gambling industry, will start an 18-month research project which aims to create a practice guide for online operators. The idea behind it, is to mitigate possible harms that are connected with gambling.

The task will be completed by PwC’s data experts. The company was chosen earlier this year in March after a “rigorous and competitive selection process”.

PwC will carry out a program that consists of two phases.  The first phase, conducted in cooperation with participating operators, aims to better know the existing ways they use to mitigate gambling-related harms. The second phase’s objective, is to formulate practical guide for operators on how to minimise the possible harms.

Marc Etches, RGT Chief Executive, commented “RGT is committed to commissioning research not only to understand player behaviour but to improve processes in the industry to mitigate gambling-related harm. We have completed an extensive tender process and have emerged with research partners of the highest caliber.”

“Between them PwC and the Responsible Gambling Council have an extensive understanding of the gambling industry and issues of social impact and I am confident that this work will make a valuable contribution to efforts to minimize gambling-related harm in the remote sector,” he added.

David Trunkfield, PwC Partner and Betting & Gaming Leader, said “We’re delighted to be working with the RGT on this important question as doing the right thing for society is central to PwC’s purpose,”

“By combining our leading data analytics practice and betting & gaming teams, we’ll be using a data led approach to come up with practical recommendations to improve the identification and mitigation of gaming-related harm. We’re looking forward to working closely with the RGT and remote gaming industry over the next 18 months”, Trunkfield commented.

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