Oct 2 / 2018
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RISQ breaks records with £25 million jackpot

The RISQ iGaming insurance platform pays out record £25m jackpot

RISQ, the leaders in insurance-backed acquisition and retention services for the iGaming industry, has announced their first £25 million jackpot winner via the sweepstake and contests platform, Happy Pay.

The winner of this prize entered the free-to-play prize draw via one of Happy Pay’s popular portfolio of promotional jackpot products, available across a range of assorted e-commerce websites.

Since partnering with RISQ over a year ago, Happy Pay’s clients have reported considerable increases in daily entrants due to enhanced jackpot amounts.

SiGMA iGaming RISQ breaks records with £25 million jackpot
The sought after £25 million jackpot prize was won.

RISQ’s insurance-backed solution enables the creation of non-networked prizes across a wide range of platforms. This diverse and customised jackpot adds value to the company’s product offering and marketing campaigns.

It’s the latest application from RISQ, whose leading iGaming insurance platform is creating new levels in player acquisition and retention via its scalable jackpots of up to £150 million. These flexible solutions offer operators and platform-providers access to some of the biggest payouts in the industry.

RISQ’s B2B Director, Tom Mitchell remarked, “As volumes increase on our insurance platform, jackpot payouts will become more and more frequent. Ultimately, in the event of any jackpot win, our clients rely on our ability to pay out quickly and with no hidden complications. ”

Mitchell continued, “I certainly feel that we have proven this capacity with Happy Pay. As we grow and develop, our goal is for the platform to give clients access to any winnings within 24 hours. By continuing to improve our technology, processes and reinsurance contracts, I believe that this is a realistic target.”

RISQ’s iGaming insurance Platform creates new levels of player acquisition and retention with scalable jackpots and high limit bets. These flexible solutions offer operators and providers access to some of the biggest non-networked jackpot payouts in the industry.

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