Oct 27 / 2017
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RISQ Launches £25m Jackpot Random Number Generator

RISQ launched a random-number generator platform offering jackpots of up to £25 million

Today, RISQ, the London-based technology company, launched a random number generator platform boasting jackpots of up to £25 million.

The insurance-backed solution is suited to a range of games, including slots, tables games, lottery, keno, bingo, and instant win. It can be tailored to the individual needs of the operators or game developers.

Each integration offers adjustable odds, variable pay tables and flexible jackpot totals, and allows operators to build their own unique jackpot games. The innovative technology looks set to provide an effective and risk-free customer acquisition and retention tool for betting and gaming brands. It will initially cater for jackpots up to £25 million, but the company is planning to quadruple that limit to £100 million.

According to Tom Mitchell, RISQ’s B2B Director, the new platform was a game-changer for the industry and would help partners increase their margins and maximise revenues.

“In a market where demand for huge, scalable jackpots is increasing, our Jackpot RNG delivers a knockout combination of cutting-edge technology, tailored development, and sophisticated risk management,» Mitchell says.

“No matter what game is chosen to utilise its framework, jackpots have a proven and unique ability to deliver new customers, build loyalty, enhance retention, and facilitate expansion into new markets.”

The company is licensed by gambling regulators in the UK and Alderney, and are also having an insurance licence, they offer hedge bets and insurance on the outcomes of over 50 international lotteries.

In addition, RISQ has access to A-rated insurance limits of up to £250 million in multiple currencies and a £10 million Jackpot limit dedicated to sporting-outcome Jackpots. With their unique structure and technology, this B2B-only platform allows affiliates, operators, platforms and game developers the opportunity to access and use Jackpots in a scalable and flexible way.

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