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Robots odds-on to surpass humans at Dota 2

OpenAI Bots team backed at 1.28 to triumph in 5v5 clash

OpenAI’s team of bots is 1.28 on with Betway to triumph over a professional team in a 5v5 game this Sunday 5th August.

SiGMA IGaming Bots odds-on to surpass Humans at Dota 2 OpenAI's bots are expected to beat human professional players.

A year after revealing a bot that could win a 1v1 game, OpenAI will be challenging a team of five professional human players this Sunday and  expects the bots to come out on top once again.

Betway’s Alan Alger said: “We are extremely excited to see OpenAI finally take on the world’s best in a 5v5; with the opportunity to finally dismiss the critics who claimed that last year’s match was not a true reflection of real Dota 2 skill.

“Dota 2 is an extremely complicated game, and moving away from the 1v1 format will provide a true test of the AI’s real understanding of the intricacies of the game.

“Despite that, the bots are claimed to rack up 180 years’ worth of game experience per day and we are pricing this event at 1.28 in the favour of OpenAI.”

OpenAI's team, working off neural networks, average 150-170 actions per minute, ‘train’ for approximately 180 years a day at an accelerated rate, and naturally possess a much quicker reaction time than humans.

However, the OpenAI Five don’t communicate with each other, but are merely aware of their teammates current states and actions – a key area of strength for the human team.

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