Roo Wright

Roo Wright currently serves as the Founder and Managing Director of Hityah Media Limited and Click Profits International. As a lifelong entrepreneur, he has been involved with a variety of successful companies, spanning a number of positions, over the past 15 years.

While Wright wears many hats in the business world, it is his affiliate marketing, internet marketing, and online gaming knowledge that sets him apart.

Before the launch of Hityah Media Limited (2015) and Click Profits International (2014), Wright grew Digital Blue Limited into one of the largest real bingo playing services in the world.

Through a combination of affiliate marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), he was successful in starting and white labeling bingo sites including:, and After four years of building the company, it was acquired by Gaming Realms.

Colleagues recognize Wright as a creative, trusted, and highly motivated marketing professional. From his work in the online gaming space to affiliate and internet marketing services for charities, he is results driven and customer service oriented.

By working closely with some of the best minds in development methodologies, Wright continues to stay on top of the latest technologies and marketing trends to ensure top-notch results.

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