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San Juan Casino Trade Union contested the concession given to only one gaming operator in the region

Since 2009, only one company has been given the concession to operate casino games in the province of San Juan, in Argentina

During a meeting organised to debate the San Juan Agreement, representatives of different sectors in the Argentinian province discussed the situation left by the pandemic in the world of work and its contributions  to the region, as reported by the website Focus Latinoamerica. 

Since 2009, only one company has been given the concession to operate casino games in the province of San Juan, in Argentina. Ivisa gaming operator, has the exclusivity to offer casino games in the region, and the license is valid until 2029. 

casino de san juanThe Union inquires the government to review the concession, as according to them, when only one company holds the exclusivity to operate, it can have a negative impact on the sector, employees, as well as the players. 

Manuel Jiménez, Secretary of Tivihe San Juan Casinos Employees Union, compared the concessions processes with the province of Mendoza, where more companies have the license to operate casino games: “In Mendoza, traditional games are owned by the State and the machines are outsourced. There are four or five companies operating, and there is also a provincial casino"he stressed. 

Here in San Juan, it has been always held by the province, however, they provide full concession to only one company, and the province only collects a fixed fee in euros, whereas in other places in the country they collect a percentage. That should be reviewed, " he said to the local news Tiempo de San Juan.

The new proposal presented by the Union aims to change the system applied to the concession, as well as the creation of a statal casino. According to the Institution, the province of San Juan should be able to collect a percentage on Ivisa’s revenue instead of a fixed fee.  

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