SBC partners with All-in Diversity Project

The All-in Diversity Project has signed a strategic deal with SBC, which will enable it to communicate its drive for greater industry diversity to a much wider audience

SBC is seen as one of the industry’s key information providers and organises the leading dedicated sports betting events in the industry. SBC is now joining All-In Diversity’s impressive list of Strategic Partners to help provide greater exposure to the issues surrounding diversity and inclusion.

The All-in Diversity Project’s mission is to be the central global resource for all things relating to diversity and equality - working together to create tools such as knowledge bases, workplace tool-kits, training initiatives, learning exchanges, interactive events, and to support long-term impactful change across the industry.

As part of the deal, the All-in Diversity Project and SBC will be working closely together to educate and communicate how businesses can make diversity and inclusion part of their company fabric and how the gambling industry can make progress on these issues in the future.

SiGMA iGaming SBC partners with All-in Diversity Project Betting on Sports event held by SBC.

Christina Thakor-Rankin, Co-founder of All-in Diversity Project with Kelly Kehn, commented: “We’re really pleased to be partnering with SBC and see this as a natural fit. Two years ago we spoke at their BOFCON event on the subject of new customers and engagement and focused on women and football as the next big thing in sports-betting. And with more and more emerging international markets it doesn’t stop at just gender. We look forward to working with SBC to push the discussion around diversity, equality and inclusion to cover all aspects of sports and betting.”

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