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SBTech becomes leader in online Sportsbetting

SBTech has officially become the leader in online Sportsbetting for both regulated and traditional markets.

The company’s world-renowned online sportsbook, award-winning in-play betting platform, fully responsive mobile betting platform, premium casino and live casino products, and fully equipped iGaming platform provide users a one-of-a-kind betting experience across online, mobile and land-based channels.

SBTech, a company built on innovation, offers 60,000 monthly sports events, 25,000+ in-play events and more than 1,000 proprietary bet markets. Additionally, SBTech employs over 500 people and more than 150 24/7 In-Play traders.

SBTech has created a responsive solution that seamlessly fits and adapts to all devices, all screen sizes and aspect ratios; certain button sizes with specific features work and function the same, no matter the screen size or platform being used. Additionally, SBTech has enhanced the users betting activity by providing detailed statistics, additional markets and creating the betting buttons on a mobile into menu navigation on a desktop.

With personalisation at the very heart of SBTech’s offering, it isn’t a wonder why the company has become a leader in online Sportsbetting.

Website data can now be gathered from common logs of all betting activities and behavior patterns are created into various detailed algorithms and rules based on specific variables such as favorite team or league, past winnings, previous losses and more. The addition of SBTech’s Fast Market offerings allow users to bet on what will happen in the next one or five minutes of any single event, and watch the results settled immediately; creating a new thrill for users minute by minute. Coinciding with the act of being immediate, Cashout is the biggest immediate rush of all time. SBTech’s various Cashouts on single bets, combo bets and even partial bets are immediately settled, instantly converting a match market to a fast market.

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