SEO Penalties: Guide for iGaming Websites

Imagine a shiny morning with delicious breakfast, and mind filled with positive emotions but suddenly your heart misses a beat when you notice that your site dropped in search engine rankings and you don’t know why. A typical black day for SEO maniacs. Basically, there are two options: your site was penalised by search engine or some important updates were implemented into searching algorithms. Consequently, falling in SEO ranking affects directly traffic due to SEO penalties. Either way, several steps can be taken to revive your SEO ranking and regain what you lost.

In order to solve the issue, you need to engage your webmaster’s tool and check for any information regarding the penalty. In case of Google, you should get a message via their webmaster’s platform. Some say that no information is a good information, in case you don’t get any notification it’s necessary to look further.

The next step is to visit any SEO sites related to the topic. You aim to recognise any news concerning changes in search engine software or updates that may be affecting searching algorithms. For example, the changes in Google search engine (Penguin 1.0 or 2.0) impacted thousands of sites. It resulted in huge traffic loss for many websites involving popular brands which due to the fact suffered financially. To gather information about undergoing changes in search engines visit any relevant sites like

If you located the nuisance, it is time to calculate damages. For that purpose google your site and check if it is still indexed. In case you can’t find it, probably you popped into worst scenario: the site  has been deindexed, but rarely it comes true. There is this brighter side of the moon and it may appear that the traffic is still on the right track. However the site itself may have slopped in rankings.

You can remedy that by scrupulous work with backlinking on your site. For Google search engine it is the seed of evil, low quality backlinks make your site falling in rankings. Revaluate your links and replace them with organic links and high quality content. Moreover, analyse your Terms of Service and check if you really crossed the red light at some point.

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