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Words by Toni Halonen, CEO of Good Game

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that right now, make a lasting impression and not break any rules? An online gaming marketplace community does just that. And Bojoko is going a step further, leading iGaming down a path of transformation with its recently unveiled concept modelled specifically for the UK market.

The value of an online gaming marketplace in a changing landscape

The UK Gambling Commission’s ongoing whiplash on the marketing practices surrounding gambling has elicited more than one groan from those of us who have put in massive resources into building promising and successful iGaming businesses.

Many of you know that some casinos are even closing affiliate programs altogether because some affiliates have resorted to business practices that are now in breach of the guidelines imposed by UKGC. The problem is that operators can’t monitor what affiliates are doing in the name of their brand, and regulators are going to keep coming down hard on these lapses of compliance.

A marketplace where casinos and game suppliers can interact directly with their potential customers and clients ensures that affiliation is done the right way. You simply can’t afford to overlook compliance in this new regulatory environment.

Bojoko is providing permanent exhibition space for casino operators, game providers and their games, plus limitless ground for players to explore and engage with the makers of the industry. The idea behind an online gaming marketplace is to serve the needs of everyone transacting in the iGaming sphere – including players – through one platform.

Players can easily shop around for the perfect UK casino or new casino, just like people would in e-commerce sites for brands and marketplaces like Amazon.

Affiliation 2.0 is alive and kicking

It’s a challenging and exciting time for iGaming affiliates, whereby dirty tricks aren’t going to work anymore and the scales are going to be tipped in favour of innovative companies that bring something new to the market.

The new regulatory hurdles are simply an opportunity to strike while the iron’s hot, so we’ve coined a familiar term for this new mode of affiliation.

An affiliate 2.0 is a partner that sees the big picture and helps casinos achieve their targets from a 360° angle. We’re opening up the meaning of affiliation and diversifying our means of acquiring top-quality leads for casinos.

Community is the keyword here: bringing real, like-minded people together has been shown to defy all odds when it comes to doing business in the 21st century. The more value affiliates can bring to both partners and players, the better they will perform in the competitive iGaming arena.

Community is a catalyst for business

All kinds of stories can be exchanged in the service of making iGaming safer, more fluid and more mainstream. What makes Bojoko different is that we empower everyone in the community to do so, meaning players, casinos, suppliers and anyone with a stake can find their voice and really make a difference.

Operators can create and maintain up-to-date listings showcasing relevant, sought-after information about their casino. Suppliers can do the same, focusing on their games’ strengths and their unique offering. Their story is told by them, so there’s an element of creativity and control benefiting the brand which they won’t find anywhere else.

Players also have their own say, writing reviews and sharing their account of casinos, suppliers and their games. The winning (and other) conversations that players will soon be able to take part in in our community are yet another channel for casino stories to flourish and be shared.

There’s also our narrative tying these ends up: we have our own engaging stories to tell about the industry, with hot topics and current issues expanded in a thoughtful manner with a pinch of entertainment.

All this should make for a much more exciting iGaming future, and we look forward to seeing this vision materialise.

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