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SiGMA 2017 Hits All The Records

SiGMA ’17  surpassed expectations – a success-story

By the time you read this SiGMA 2017 – the fourth edition of the gaming industry’s premier showcase event – will have come to a close. Once again the show was marked by its growth, as it not only rides the great moment enjoyed by the Maltese gaming scene, but also helps stimulate it. It was also characterised by the sheer range of industry players taking active part, with the dynamism and diversity of the contemporary ecosystem on full display.

The first day of the event included an SEO masterclass, featuring Gary Beal of Vanguard Online Media Group. It was billed as a must-attend event for SEO professionals looking to hone their game in a peer environment, and the rave reviews they gave the immediate aftermath suggest it lived up to the hype. The opening day of the event also featured the All-In SiGMA Cup, a friendly 5-a-side football tournament that saw the gaming community come together to show off its footie skills. It was one of a number of opening-day events designed to ease participants into the SiGMA experience, as a number of foreign delegates flew in and got situated. All the while, the finishing touches were put to the expo floor, as it geared towards the action-packed bonanza the show would turn out to be. At the end of the first day, the BiG Foundation hosted a charity dinner along with the Malta iGaming Awards, an event that brought together the fun of handing out (and receiving) awards with the more important fulfilment of philanthropy.

From the second day the focus shifted towards the expo floor itself, which is the image most closely associated with SiGMA, and was indeed something to behold – the available MFCC space was completely maxed out, with the individual stands doing their level best to stand out (pun intended). While the established industry players outdid themselves once more, space was also given to relative newcomers. After a successful first run at last year’s event, SiGMA’s Startup Pitch was brought back this year. It gave start-ups access to the expo itself, and ten selected finalists would eventually get the opportunity to make a case for themselves in front of a panel of potential investors and mentors, industry luminaries all.

A number of conferences were also co-organized under the SiGMA ’17 umbrella, dealing with various areas of interest to the gaming industry – including regulatory developments, payments, blockchain and disruptive tech, affiliates and lead generation, and fantasy sports. The speakers’ high level of technical expertise and industry savvy meant that the attending delegates came away with worthwhile insights, and had an opportunity to network and interact with like-minded pros working in the industry today.

The networking side of the show cannot be understated. Events like SiGMA ’17 often lead to the proverbial ‘handshake worth millions’, as potential collaborators were brought together under one roof. It was also a recruiters’ dream – a significant number of professionals looking to take the plunge and join the iGaming community were among the registered delegates looking to make positive connections with potential employers. With the local scene experiencing a huge demand for qualified talent, this aspect of SiGMA doesn’t go unappreciated.

The significance of SiGMA to the Maltese gaming ecosystem has continued its upward trend, as more and more companies are choosing to relocate or co-locate in Malta. There is no other event that brings together such a wide range of stakeholders in iGaming, from operators and affiliates, talent and employers, start-ups and mentors… finger food and hungry SiGMA delegates.

Therefore, SiGMA 2017 turned out to be yet another unqualified success. As the organizers of the show take stock of a very intense four-day assault on the senses, they’ll be looking for ways to make it even better next year. The show has more than doubled in size since it first launched just a handful of years ago, and has more than matched that growth in relevance. This year’s edition will help cement Malta’s status as an iGaming hotspot, and help sustain the incredible momentum the local scene has built up into 2018 and beyond.

Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.
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