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SiGMA Careers Listings aims to tackle HR deficit

SiGMA Careers to serve recruitment needs

The iGaming industry in Malta has enjoyed a glut of business over the last few years - as a consequence the Maltese labour market has found itself facing a talent shortfall. In light of this, the recently launched SiGMA Careers will focus on tackling some of the most pertinent challenges facing the sector, which if left unchecked could severely impact the growth of the iGaming industry.

Contributing to the difficulties in sourcing quality recruitment is the fast-rising cost of living, which has placed added pressure on companies, leaving them with limited options – often resulting in salary hikes in order to hold on to staff. Complicating matters is a tangle of red-tape. Securing the right entry and work documents can be a time-consuming and frustrating process - a laborious task which puts many prospective employees considering relocation off.

From a local perspective, the island has been dealing with a steady and consistent trickle of talent leaving the island to seek greener opportunities further afield. This brain drain has been a part of the Maltese landscape for several years now - coping with the loss of some of our brightest minds is an issue that must be faced sooner rather than later.

As part of the SiGMA Careers umbrella is a database with an abundance of human resource potential – offering the iGaming community a unique opportunity to tap into SiGMA’s well-stocked network. The SiGMA Careers Listing features prominently on the website, offering prospective candidates, including recent graduates, their pick of employment chances. Vacancies cover a plethora of established companies, servicing a wide selection of industries.

The recruitment and retention of talent requires a combined effort from all stakeholders involved to address the wider human resources problem in Malta, and SiGMA is committed to playing its part.

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